Our Approach

Initial client meetings are generally conducted free of charge, however if your financial affairs are particularly complex and would warrant more time for discussion, then a fee will be agreed prior to the meeting.

Following the initial meeting, if you then decide to appoint us as your Independent Financial Advisers, we will discuss and agree with you the scope and cost of advice and this will be clearly set out in our Client Agreement and Valued Service Proposition. No specific work is undertaken until we have a thorough understanding of your precise financial circumstances and your objectives. 

With that understanding we can identify the areas that will enable you to achieve your goals. We then analyse the options and prepare specific recommendations, outlining the benefits and costs. Our recommendations are supported by in depth research, and proposed on the basis of what is suitable and best for you. 

It is important that we develop an ongoing relationship with our clients and provide continuing advice. Regular reviews can be agreed upon to suit your particular requirements.

We adopt a disciplined approach towards developing a successful financial planning strategy, and we follow this process: 

Initial client meeting
We undertake a comprehensive financial review of your financial circumstances and objectives, taking account of any existing financial arrangements. 

Needs and goal setting
We analyse your financial position, needs and goals in great depth to ensure that your financial lifestyle and, if applicable, business plan is designed to meet these. 

Keith Bush and Asscoiates

Analysis and research 
We undertake thorough independent analysis and research to tailor an individual solution to your needs and goals 

Presenting a financial plan and recommendations
We will present you with a comprehensive financial report for discussion and implementation as required. 

We will discuss the appropriate ongoing plan with you, designed to ensure the successful delivery of your goals.

Forward planned regular reviews
We conduct reviews at least annually, and if the need dictates more frequently, to ensure the financial planning that we have put in place keeps pace with any change in your personal circumstances, or changes in taxation and regulation.

Keith Bush & Associates
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